MyEggBank® Conceive with Confidence Guarantee Programs

MyEggBank® offers several guarantees to aspiring parents who seek assurance and financial protection on the path to parenthood using donor eggs.


Guarantee Options for Different Journeys

Before choosing the guarantees that are right for your family, we encourage you to determine what type of donor cycle you will use. Some are tailored specifically to either synchronous or asynchronous donor cycles, and others can be purchased regardless of your approach. Refer to our Synchronous† and Asynchronous†† guide to learn more.

Introducing: Live Birth Guarantee

Our Live Birth Guarantee is an industry-first, money-back guarantee program for qualifying aspiring parents who are seeking the assurance of a live birth with multiple cycles. This program requires an application, submission of testing results and medical records, as well as a review process to determine eligibility.

  • It includes three Synchronous™ (“fresh”) or Asynchronous™ (“frozen”) donor cycles, as well as embryo creation, cryopreservation, and multiple embryo transfers at the patient's home center
  • PGT-A is not included in this program.

The program provides up to three (fresh or frozen) donor cycles for a one time fee. This includes embryo creation at a MyEggBank premier center where embryos will be cryopreserved and shipped to your center where they will then be stored until a frozen embryo transfer can take place. There will be additional fees from your center which include all services related to the embryo transfer, including but not limited to testing and/or medications for your cycle and storage of the embryos.

Other Conceive with Confidence Guarantee Programs

Egg Survival Guarantee

This guarantee provides six eggs for your center to thaw. It ensures that at least four out of six eggs in a single lot survive this step in the process, and also covers any additional full lots of six eggs. If fewer than four eggs survive, MyEggBank will review your case to determine whether your thaw is eligible for a replacement.

Single Usable Embryo Guarantee

This guarantee supports your home affiliate center to create one quality embryo, and does not include PGT-A testing.

Single Euploid Embryo Guarantee – PGT-A Testing

A euploid is a healthy embryo with no chromosomal abnormalities. This guarantee provides eight eggs, the embryology, and a biopsy of all quality embryos created. The Euploid Guarantee ensures that at least one embryo will be determined as euploid. In the event that the guarantee is not met, MyEggBank will provide a replacement of all services.

Asynchronous Embryo Guarantees

This guarantee specific to “frozen” eggs allows aspiring parents to select two blastocysts from the eggs they wish to fertilize. If the guarantee is not satisfied, and you qualify as eligible for another cycle, MyEggBank will provide an additional egg lot from another donor of your choice.

Synchronous Embryo Guarantees

The Synchronous Embryo Guarantee, specific to “fresh” eggs, allows aspiring parents
to guarantee one, two, or three blastocysts from the eggs they wish to fertilize. For an additional cost, you can choose to fertilize up to 18 eggs. All eggs under any of these guarantees will be good quality as determined by MyEggBank’s lab grading criteria.

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